Florida Tech plans return to full in-person instruction in Fall 2021. Visit the Florida Tech Safe website to learn more.

Members of the Parent Leadership Council voice their support for Florida Tech and its Return to Learn plan with "Why Florida Tech: An Open Letter."

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Research @ Florida Tech

NSF-Funded Research Grant Looks Into Lightning on Mars

University researcher Jeremy Riousset is examining lightning on Mars and its potential role in being a catalyst for life on the planet.

COVID-19, Diabetes Study Gives Wind to Vascular Disease Evidence

COVID-19 may act as a vascular disease, helping explain why people with diabetes are at higher risk of developing i severe form.

Research May Help Illuminate Origins of Life on Earth

How did life begin on Earth? A university study may give further insight.

Satellite Sensing May Help with Flooded Areas

Understanding how regions are affected after a flood may be improving thanks to new research from a Florida Tech professor.

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